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3D visualisation services

If it can’t be photographed, or it doesn’t exist, we’ll still make sure you get the shot. We’d never pretend to rival photography for reality – we know too many photographers too well to claim that – but an eye for composition puts us ahead of the pack. It doesn’t matter where your imagination takes you, it doesn’t matter if your chosen finishes can’t be found, we make them real.

We create images that live in a world of light, space and movement.

Commercial visualisation

For pitch, design communication & client approval

We work with some the World’s leading architects, brands and designers that give our team over 40 years of collective experience in visualising commercial interiors. We are able to adapt to changes in design layouts and work closely with architects, interior designers, furniture specifiers end users to create highly realistic commercial interiors.

Residential Visualisation

For pitch, planning, design communication & client approval

Working from technical plans, existing photographs or just sketches of a space, we are able to use our own interior design experience, knowledge of photography and creativity to bring together products, fabrics, finishes, real life lighting and people to create residential interiors that bring to life designs, leaving your clients with a real understanding of what they can expect.

Exterior visualisation

For pitch, planning, design communication & client approval

There are no short cuts here, just millimetre perfect representations of what might be. Our exterior renders will be scrutinised, questioned, queried and contested. So they simply have to be right, have to be honest and have to be true. For we know their power lies in the way they take an imagined, but for many hard to visualise, world and make it a real and unthreatening place.

Product visualisation

Proof of concept, R&D, marketing & advertising

We take your imagination and make it perfect in every detail. From FMCG packaging to upmarket perfume bottles and everything you can dream of in between. We have to make it look like you can pick it of the shelf, or buy it off the page, or place it in your home. It’s not just a representation; in many cases it is the product until the real thing is available. So we’ll use terms like tactile and smooth, terms that describe how a product feels just as much as how it looks. Just to makes sure it looks perfect every time.

Animations & movies

Provide a journey through or around the space or product

Bring your design and interior (or exterior) space to life. Walk down the corridors, through open doors and take your client on a journey passed their new reception desk of down the feature staircase in their new home. Bring reality through real life lighting, textures and precision features. Coupled with personalised credit screens, effects and soundtracks, for once, leave nothing to imagination.

Interior three sixty

Take you audience into the space whilst in the space

Developed using Google based geo sphere technology we can now provide static visuals which can best be described as… not static. A single visual, wrapped around the users controls, allows your client to move around their space, freely, looking at how their space will look, all around them.

The finished visual piece

Unlike most visualisation agencies, where possible we create most of the finished piece in 3D Studio Max® this means you can go back and make changes without the high cost of post production.

We work with some of the world’s largest design practices, product developers and PR agencies to create highly realistic images. We have experienced product designers in the team, a tweak here, a change of finish there, we know the difference a subtle touch of shadow can make. We work with you to make sure our renders match your clients’ expectations and your intentions.

We can help bring your ideas to life

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