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Visualisation studio

We provide visuals and animations of products, offices, hotels, events, buildings and pretty much what ever is needed. If it’s real we’ll reproduce it, if it isn’t, we’ll create it, we make certain every shadow, surface and subtle shade gets mistaken for the real thing.


Jaguar Landrover

Commercial visualisation

New_Movie_Cam6, Dhub Rev B.RGB_color.0150

Doha Tower

Commercial visualisation


MallinckrodtI London

Commercial visualisation

3D00827 - HOK - ADNOC - Gym, Dhub Rev E

Fitness Center

Commercial visualisation

3D00827 - HOK - ADNOC - Level 39 Cam4, Dhub Rev D

HOK Interior

Commercial visualisation

Sky Pod - Low

Living pods

Commercial visualisation

3D00835 - Apres - Reception Cam2, Dhub Rev E

Lobby Space

Commercial visualisation


Rhizome Lamp

Product visualisation



Product marketing visualisation

6 - Features_Core, Dhub Rev E


Product R&D visualisation


For Goodness Shakes

Product visualisation


Bombay Sapphire

Product visualisation

We provide

Really real visuals

There’s a good reason our 3D visuals look every bit as real as the real thing. An eye for detail, years of experience working with some of the finest companies and brands in the world, creativity and care.

If you want an image people believe they can walk right into, an animation they can look around, we have to make sure every last surface, every brick, every upholstered button on every designer chair is as realistic and as convincing as it can be. That’s why detail is so important, and why we spend so much time to get it right.

Because if it doesn’t look right, it isn’t.

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